Weapons and Items of note

Golden Holy Longsword
a similar sounding sword to james’ old sword from The Fortunes Rest has been signed and dated – departure of said sword is of some time ago (maybe 30 years) you would suspect this is one of the ones Spanik mentioned and that james saw the poster for.
notes on the sword :
official, one of five commissioned by the dwarves for the kings of Unitae. grants the weilder a measure of respite from charms and compulsions.
Hironious, Strong abjuration, mind blank, Value 50,000 gp.

Quick Razors
arrival of this weapon dates some 70 years past and there is no departure recorded
specialy commisioned for one Ellywick Hayford only.
Deathly quick razors, to peirce the defences of those cased in copper skin
adamantine, value 4,545 gp

Visions of time tarot

“The power of these cards is not for the faint of heart or the weak minded, be careful when using them”

obtained from gran grans bag when it exploded,this deck lays on it a symbol of Labelas Enorath the setting/rising sun on the back of each card. the rest of the deck is as a normal tarot deck.
once per month use
player must focus on cards for 1 hour and choose a focus of the past present or future if nothing is specified then it will be randomised, the event seen is also randomised to a degree (specifics tbc)
will save once in vision to either remain or escape (specify which) any effects such as area of effect or if you are in line with anything that could do harm will effect the player, the player however cannot effect the vision
if an event in the future or present vision come to pass then the player will gain bonuses if they are at the event shown
+2 sacred bonus to all saving throws and +2 dodge to AC

note: it is possible to be trapped in time, it is possible that it is your soul that leaves the body to see the event.

as a unique item it is priceless. the magics unknown.material thick partchment and subject to damage as such.

Weapons and Items of note

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