The Scriptures

long ago the world was together in harmony, one continent one nation looked over by 5 kings, all noble brothers and protectors of the land.

the land flourished and was filled with peace, then without warning, a great volcano erupted in the south and spewed onto the lands and the world was cut into three pieces, war raged on with great beasts spilling out of the volcano, some fighting one another, the skys filled with red and gold. the 5 kings did their best to hold back what came from the eruption but the red beasts prevailed and the took a section of the world each as their own

some other beasts came from the volcano, different to the ones who flew in the skys and burnt the ground with fire, evil looking creatures with horns and spikes took over the lands torturing many and making the people their slaves to the east.

on these lands the one who could take the image of anything she wished, claimed the lands in her name and took the crown over the people and continues to try and overthrow the last existing line of the 5 brothers with a very convincing clergy she gained much ground on these lands.

it is said whoever gains the most control over this world will become a god within the abyss, but first they must find a way back
these scriptures seem to have a way of doing so “the opening of the rift between worlds”
but it has also been written that 3 warriors of great blessing will scour the 3 corners of the earth ridding the land of the “unholy ones” and there will be peace once more in the world.

one young at heart
another of two halfs
the last seeks accuracy

the queen believes she has these “3” under her control already, we however have hope that she does not

The Scriptures

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