Elder GranGran

"Dont you know better than to ask a woman her age?"


The eldest person in the village, is a very small woman with grey fuzzy hair, sometimes the children go to her house to hear more tales of Zaphkiel the villain who always gets away and Jarros the hero who despite his brave an courageous efforts to catch Zaphkiel always gets there too late. who knows where she pulls her story’s from, most think she is deluded from old age, others say she got her hands on a book that the bandits dropped and she steals story’s from it to give the people some amusement. she is often the first person to reach the temple before a bandit attack, perhaps a feeling in her bones tells her when its time


“stop me if youve heard this one before”

“a long time ago in a place far far away, a large rift caused a divide in the world, the people were at end with each other before this time however, that is a story for another time.

well as i was saying there was a huge magical turmoil dividing the land caused by a great wizard, im sure you know his name by now, well he caused this horrific divide, and Jarros (the hero of the story) sought to one day put an end to this rift, with the help of some friends along the way they eventually managed to do so, i was one of these allys,
no, really,
but something happened when they managed to close it, i got trapped inside, you see as i had to place one of the crystals within the rift but something went wrong and my foot got trapped, in the same instant that i was there, i was then here, oh dear not in this shack no no, in a far off kingdom to the north.
after making some of my own friends in this new place me and one other travelled to this little village to settle down, he passed on shortly after you lot had been born, with just enough time to bless you all."

“hmnn i appear to have trailed off slightly, what was the question?”

“more tea?”

where could she be?

about 2 weeks after leaving Ft Highguarde Chris Miller was scouting ahead of the group and stumbled across Grangran, looking worst for wear he could not do anything to help as she said something about the villagers being brainwashed, Taint and the blessed ones, she blinked out of existence leaving only her satchel behind, reaching into this bag Chris pulled out all the letters he had ever sent back to Trixy Wellstead it appearing as though they had never reached her, but they had enabled Grangran to reach him.

Elder GranGran

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