Brody Copperfield

Brody quest


The birth of a child in the village is a blessed occasion, one to be celebrated and the birth of twins to be doubly so, if not even more. This was the pride that village’s breadmaker and baker, Mildred Copperfield, felt when the priest informed her that she was carrying twins. Mildred, being the hardy sort, gave birth to the twins without a single complication to her own health, however it was not without loss as only the second born of the twin boys survived. It was a sad day, yet still joyous as the second born had lived, and the priest placed upon him two blessings. One for both him and one for his older brother that never was. The second born son was given the name Brody.

Brody Copperfield showed several talents as he was growing up, and an aptitude to excel in whatever task he was given. This caused him to be somewhat flippant during his youth, rotating rapidly from task to task, sampling every activity he could. Thankfully his mother was there to set his impetuousness of youth right, and thanks to her the only task he stuck with at length was helping in the family’s breadmaking for the village.

Brody, now into his 20s, has reigned in a lot of his childish flippancy. He still excels in a large number of jobs around the village, and more than ever his help is necessary. He is quite happy to do so, anywhere he is needed he will be. If there is a job someone needs help with, you give Brody a shout. Because of this wide array of talents and his usefulness within the village, Brody has developed a bit of a bravado and abrasiveness about him. While he helps the villagers with their problems as often as he can, he does so with a clear sense of superiority, knowing he is better that them and loving the recognition and praise, feeding his ego. As such people often talk of him being annoying in his brashness and narcissism. Humble or modest he is not, and is largely unaware that people think of him as anything but great and useful.

Brody craves recognition, and while once it was as simple as doing tasks in their village, since travelling beyond it for the first time, he has realised that the world is different. He is quick to seek out the most powerful and influential of people to offer his services to, believing that gaining favour with such powerful people will grant him the best recognition. Still, where once he was a big fish in a small pond, he is now in an ocean, and has yet to admit that he is any smaller. There is a great deal he does not understand about the larger world.

Brody Copperfield

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