The Bucking Hare

The Bucking Hare the only place in the village worth visiting, cheep ale and never a sad place to be, most villagers gather here at the end of the working day to chug down an ale and discuss village rumours, how best to plough the fields, having your fancy with one of the bar wenches, perhaps have a game of ring card or cups, Trixy Wellstead the Landlord here doesn’t seem to mind whatever goes on as long as she gets a cut for the house.

Rival only to the other tavern in town The Fortunes Rest it bares no competition to that dull place!

Rules of Ring Card:

all players are dealt 3 cards.
on your turn you can discard a card and pick one from the pile or trade with anyone at the table for the card you wish to get rid of
the person you trade with can give you any of their cards and cant refuse the trade.
the aim of the game is to get 3 picture cards
for each turn round the table players must put in a copper piece, if someone wins on the first turn round they only get their copper back, this lends itself to a lot of the first turn players trying to scramble other opponents cards up by trading.
you can also only claim a win if it is your turn.

The Bucking Hare

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