Humble Beginnings

Session 2
"Lets all go off into the woods with that creepy grey girl!"

Day one: The Rhymer and the Rogue

The day starts with Brody, our intrepid baker, visiting GranGran. He’s still stung from the incident with the diarrhoea… She sends him off to buy some flour from the mill, a place he’s off to later anyway in order to mend fences (physically and metaphorically). He finds Chris in the basement, doing a rare hard day’s work and a bad approximation of hiding… After Chris is made to accept the error of his ways, he sets Chris marching down into the village to let people know he was responsible for the poisoning.

As Chris approaches the nearest houses, the kids start chanting new songs at him:

Wee Chrissy Millsie runs though the town,
Upstairs, downstairs, looking slightly brown,
Banging at the window, crying at the lock,
Coz he’s pooped his pants and it’s only two o’clock.

Someone may have already figured out who was responsible…

When you’re lying in bed
And you’re feeling something spread
Chris was here, Chris was here

Yep, someone definitely figured it out…

When you’re climbing up a ladder
And you hear something splatter
Chris was here, Chris was here

It goes on…

If you’re digging with your shovel
And you feel something bubble
Chris was here, Chris was here

And on…

James has been composing defamatory rhymes and teaching them to the kids. Chris decides he doesn’t need to ’fess up and heads off home.

Later in the day, a town meeting is called to discuss recent events. Most of the party attend except Chris. In fear of her immortal soul, Trixy shops Chris to the town and Brody is sent off to retrieve him and put him in the stocks… Serra however beats him there, having run out as soon as Chris’ name was mentioned. She breaks into his room (again) and starts winding him up, telling him that he’s for the gallows! Chris bolts but is chased down by Brody. Brody fetches him back to face the music and he gets put into the stocks.

Day two: The Misanthrope and the Maps

Serra gets sent off on a mission by her mum. Ostensibly to hunt boar but given the map she receives from her mother and the related map she forces Telon’s dad to give her it’s obvious there’s more to this than meets the eye.

She recruits Telon into her fool’s errand and then gets Nerrah to release Chris into her custody for the mission. Finding a bored James she enlists him, being very clear she’s only recruiting him for his family’s supplies. James guilt trips Brody into coming then sets about getting tents and supplies for the road, taking the golden sword on his way out.

The press-ganging completed, the party pore over the two maps and head out west. Promptly getting caught up in the rough terrain. They camp out, James and Serra making sure Chris doesn’t get comfortable by making him fish without a pole, cook and clean. The party make a mighty roster for the watches, which immediately breaks down when Serra falls asleep at her post…

Day three: The Sneak and the Snakes

After a delightful if unexpected night’s sleep, the party head off. Chris however gets caught up by running into snakes. Again. After successfully killing the vicious vipers in a heroic display of combat, the party is able to make pace along the trail… only to find they’re following some of the least travelled routes in the woods. They make it across the length of the village in a day, setting up camp at the lake north of the village.

Day four: The Paragon and the Predators

After a night punctuated only by the sight of someone over the lake wandering about strangely, Brody remembers he forgot to get the flour for GranGran and heads back into town over the broken bridge! This act of selflessness results in the extremely caring party leaving the camp and heading further into the woods, James and Chris blissfully unaware that the lack of progress yesterday was due to competence issues with the trackers, not due to the difficulty of the terrain!

As the party head on, they spot a wolf, presumably scouting for its pack. With Chris acting as bait, Til kills it with an arrow. Knowing there’s likely a larger pack out there, the group are wary, but know they’re more likely to go for a lone target. Said lone target, Brody, has just set up camp in a ruined building for the night, when howling can be heard outside…

Session 1
"Poisoning the village will cheer everyone up!"


After a long day’s work rebuilding the village from the latest bandit raid, the tired villagers, including Chris Miller, James Arsmith and Brody Copperfield retreat to the Bucking Hare for some drinks and entertainment. As Chris and Brody get involved in a quiet game of Ringcard, James sets up in the corner playing his lute and singing some of the more racy songs less welcome in his Granddad’s bar. Chris beats his opponent and makes a few copper, passing a couple to James as he wryly raises an eyebrow… Trixy, the landlady, has the usual evening of brushing off unwanted male attention in the form of old Mr Burnlac, and eventually sets to chatting to Chris. After programming Chris for evil, she shuts the place for the evening.

As the night draws in, there is the sight of tired little Serra Hayford trudging home to her parents, bringing in the slim pickings of her day’s work. Her parents trying as best they can to do their work.

James gets home to the Fortune’s Rest, to find his grandparents finishing off for the night. He sets about the chores and as always, notices the gold sword inset with rubies above the mantel.

Day one: The Rogue and the Runs

Next morning, Chris asks Telon Bernlac for some herbs, apparently he’s got a bit of trouble brewing down in his bowels… He then heads off looking for Marabelle the flower girl. He finds her high in the field, and she gives him some vague advice about black and yellow flowers. It takes the slightly more mercenary advice of Serra to actually tell him he’s looking for camomile. After several run-ins with snakes he finds some “camomile” and goes back into town.

Brody Copperfield, after a morning toiling in the field gets sent off by his mother for more flour. He heads off, forgetting both boots and his signature hammer spade. Chris then “helps” him with flour (mealy and laced with camomile). He then sets about making the daily bread…

Telon and Serra independently go hunting. Finding some rabbits in his traps but lacking the know how to release them, Telon gets the help of Chris (who price gouges like a dealer with an addict). Serra meanwhile has no such difficulty and brings in a massive haul.

Meanwhile, the latest bread is hitting the stomachs of the population… And the contents of said stomachs start hitting the floor. Chris, our intrepid trickster has managed to poison 300 out of the 500 villagers! The fallout is severe and word on the street immediately blames Brody, whose mother immediately blames Chris and in a row with the elder Miller refuses to buy from them again. Thus potentially ruining two family businesses!

Day two: The Hunter and the Hell-Rabbit:

The next day Telon, one of the few villagers not affected by the Breadgate scandal is out foraging, and finds in the woods a rabbit surrounded by wolves. In a flurry of movement the rabbit is attacked by the wolves… and the dust settles to find the blood soaked rabbit surrounded by the corpses of the pack. As it advances on Telon he wisely flees the scene. He eventually relays the scene to Trixy, who senses the opportunity to make money on wolf pelts.

James busies himself cleaning up some of the older villagers. He’s seen how sickness can take hold in towns. Cleaning himself up suspiciously easily he then moves on to entertain the unruly kids let loose by the Breadgate scandal…

Serra, another one lucky enough to have noticed the bread before eating it, breaks into Chris’ room. Threatening a terrible vengeance if he ever puts her parents in danger again she leaves, not knowing if the message has sunk in.

Day three: The Factotum and the Fur thieves

Telon and Trixy head out in the morning looking for the dead wolves, and find Marabelle sobbing over their remains. She insists the corpses are returning to the land, much to the consternation of the two. As they take some of the carcasses away, roots try to stop their escape, but to no avail. They return to town, bloody harvest in hand. Later, Chris reemerges and is confounded by the lack of interest from Trixy. Maybe dead wolves are the way to a woman’s heart?

As the otherwise uneventful day draws to a close, Serra approaches James headed home to the inn to ask for work. Or rather to point out that the town is on its knees and not improving, and maybe they should seek their fortunes elsewhere. James gives a fairly noncommittal response but doesn’t dismiss it out of hand…

Hard Times Ahead

You start:

Spring, a time for ploughing the fields and sewing the new crops, still surviving off what you have left from winter and anything else you can find.

having had an attack around a week ago so there is still help to be done, people stocks have been mostly ransacked and taken by the bandits and a few people died in the fires.
the mood is low and the merchant wont be here for another three weeks.

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