Zan Zan "Beauty"

Large Orc Female


“Zan Zan, see men, lots of warriors, they come, burn town, burn home, many people run, but they kill those who run, Zan Zan protect little ones, Zan Zan hid them in the mines, they safe for now”

“Zan Zan clear roads, so little ones can come back, we start new, it take long time”


to be considered a beauty is a bad omen for her people, Zan zan will never find a mate looking like she does, this makes her shy and try harder to be strong so perhaps one day she will find someone who like her for her size and her ability to protect the small.

little ones are a bunch of kids no less. they are more chatty. roughly 50 children of all ages

The Children

Zan Zan "Beauty"

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