One of the orphans in the town. His parents were killed in a fire in the poor quarter of the city and he grew up scavenging in the merchant quarter. Lived under the eaves of the inn when James met him. James, Janus and Sylvia used to pass him food and clothes when he’d let them and he returned the favour by showing James some of the seedier parts of the city.

Tim doesnt trust anyone, is even suspicious of James when he comes looking, door is set up as trap and has many locks and bolts. Tim has a password that he never keeps the same but can be found out during a song sung at one of the local taverns. Tim also has a secret entrance to his house which the party has yet to discover.

Tim sends James on a trust quest to find out the culprit of a local robbery on his area, the last hit being at the bakery “Maidens Flour”
Upon passing the test Tim and Sylvia welcome James and his friends into their home as a safe house.

Married to Sylvia Nightwood

3 kids (boys) Jonah(9), Jorrah(5), Jarros (1)



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