The Golden Dragon



signposted as “The Golden Cave” James had not known of this when he was a boy,the sign seems to have been here some 5 years.
with 5 sets of footprints and only 1 leading out, the cave at first seemed very suspicious, upon entering the party encounter a gold dragon of which cant be bothered with the likes of foolish children.

it speaks of Serra Hayford being the last of her kind, much like its self and throws her a weapon in-bed to its side from the last bunch of travellers it encountered, claiming that it reeked of Serrahs kind and that the man wielding its counterpart may be able to answer some of her questions.

when bothered with some questions about its own mortality it replys only with:

“the stories are long and spread far across the lands, i have no energy to be wasting on you creatures.”

it asks only to be left alone and gives Serrah the inspiration to discover more about this strange weapon.


The Golden Dragon

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