The Children

the kids in the quarry

Boys from the orphanage Ages 7 and under: Marky, Ricky, Danny, Terry, Mikey, Davey, Timmy, Tommy, Joey, Robby, Johnny and Brian

Girls from the orphanage Ages 7 and under:
Ariel, Cindy, Elsa, Aurora, Peggy

Peasant Girls Ages 8-10:
Durka, Gwen, Tabby, Tracy, Emma, Marge, Clarice, Bea, Rose, Rose,Nala, Jasmine, Anna, Snow, Rapunzel, Belle*, Tiana*, Merida*

Peasent Boys Ages 8-10:
John, Redulf, Alfred, Symon, Richard, Miles, Warner*, Ed*, Paul*, Spike*, Will*

Noble Girls :
Estrald (4), Gwen (8), Ferenthasa (9)
Noble boys:
Balorik (5), Charles (5 1/2), Galton (5 1/3), Anthor (9), Galad (9)

*helping with forge


Under the watch of Zan Zan “Beauty” after saving them from the horrific raid on the town these children are all hiding in the quarry of Cinibar

children chatter a lot:

Gwen :“a war has been happening for a while, but this time they sent in sneaks, they kill all guards before they burn everything”

Orphan boys: “we dont mind, we already had nothing!”

Gwen: “its still bad!”

Rose: “youre just lucky you still have your toys!”

Gwen: “shut up it was given to me by daddy!”

Will: “grow up! you dont need toy give it to the little ones!”

*scuffle ensues with the children that James Arsmith quickly disperses

The Children

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