A skilled marksman for the village took up this role as his main duty to the village after his father fell sick and never fully recovered.

Close with Nerrah Burne as she aided in the healing of his father and has always looked up to her as a mother figure. She once told him that he was blessed with a great gift, but then all children are considered a blessing in the village.

After the raid on the village he never quite felt the same keeping to himself and pushing others away, his father started acting up and drinking more often than he used to, he kept busy with the traps on the outskirts of the village whom he often got Serra Hayford to help him with if she had the time.

avoiding most of the people his age in the village he got pulled into it again when serrah came to him asking for old maps and help with bringing down a few boars.

after showing his capability’s as a hunter, the village packed them all off on a journey to discover what was happening to the world around them, a world Tellon might never grow accustomed to


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