Serra Hayford


Serra is a young girl, short and skinny, almost gaunt. Though she is known to be 26 years of age, she appears to be on the verge of entering her teenage years. Clearly her mother’s daughter, Serra has inherited her stature and appearance from her mother, Ellywick Hayford.

In spite of her time spent outdoors, Serra’s skin is an ashen grey. Her eyes are a dull grey. She has shoulder-length, dark brown hair, which she prefers to wear tied back and modestly decorated with local flowers. Her mother’s harsh ears and jawline have been softened by her father’s gentle features.


Serra Hayford—daughter of Isaac and Ellywick, sister of Edrich (deceased)—has long been a personality in the village, in part due to her lack of one. In spite of her youth and slight build, Serra is the sole provider to her family and can be found working all hours of the day, readily doing anything that promises coin or succor as reward.

It is well known that Serra, when set to a task, is focused to the point of being myopic. Folk at the Bucking Hare often accuse her of being entirely without humour, a trait likely inherited from her mother.


  • Brody Copperfield: Serra believes that Brody is a pompous addlebrain whose constant boasts are unfounded. She recognises that Brody has a kind heart, and that he does his part to keep Serra’s family fed. It is, however, not enough to lower her hackles when exposed to his company for too long.
  • Chris Miller: Serra holds a dim opinion of Chris. She never saw any merit in his pranks, and in grim times considers them outright offensive. Chris would argue that Serra just doesn’t have a sense of humour, and he would not be far off.
  • Telon Bernlak: Serra’s father, Isaac, had long been a friend to the Bernlak family. The Hayford and Bernlak families often travelled together as part of larger hunting parties. Today, Telon sees Serra often, though rarely can the visits be considered social. Serra visits the Bernlak home to relieve herself of tending to her parents, and spends her time there in silence. When she speaks, it is only to chastise Telon, or treat him as a fool. Serra provides Telon with tools, and checks that Telon’s traps are in working order.
  • James Arsmith: Serra and James have known each other since childhood, and Serra considers James her only friend—though she would never admit so, and James may be surprised to hear it. Serra enjoys James’s peaceful demeanor and civilised company. Serra was initially drawn to James by his limited knowledge of and exposure to the larger world. Serra has learned a little of the finer things through James, including some musical skill. Serra fears that James would be furious if he knew that she had practiced with his treasured lute, on the rare occasion that it was left unattended.

Serra Hayford

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