Princess Pepper

"my mother sneezed me out"


youngest of the 3 royal children (8) talented artist, spends most of her day painting depictions of the war, took great interest in the scriptures and paints portrayals of them,

the paintings are highly detailed you might almost think they were real.

most notably the “blessed ones” it has been written that 3 great warriors will scour the 3 corners of the earth ridding the land of the “unholy ones” her pictures portray this there are pictures of many different types of hero, as they were not described in the scriptures she can only imagine, most are of her siblings in heroic poses as if they are the three virtuous ones, the unholy ones are disgusting looking, one a huge fat blob of waist and ooze, another with large teeth and wings, many large lizard like creatures are also depicted in her works with a monstrously sized man and other people flying alongside the dragons, and another of which looks a lot like gran gran?

Princess Pepper

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