Prince Xanthor



the middle child (15) has an airyness about him, doesnt seem to care whats going on as long as hes still in the comfort of his home and family. owns a Raven called Poe

can be found wandering the palace halls with his nose in a book or alone in his room (which is now essentially a library ,he reads poetry mostly although he has read every book there is to offer in the palace he cant seem to obtain any more so knows them off by heart, has no interest in “the scrolls” and keeps out of the way of anyone else.
favours speaking in prose and verse.
favours the works of Silverweed


If I should die,
And you should live,
And time should gurgle on,
And morn should beam,
And noon should burn,
As it has usual done;
If birds should build as early,
And bees as bustling go,–
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
‘Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with daisies lie,
That commerce will continue,
And trades as briskly fly.
It make the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene,
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene!

Prince Xanthor

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