Old King Richard the 3rd


still holding onto the old laws, at a long war with the False queen Glasya have large walls surrounding the city everyone is recruited to be a guard when possible, most chose to convert and leave the city opting for an easier less death defying life on the side of the elder queen not knowing or caring of the truth behind the war.
although recently they havnt been letting anyone out do to anyone leaving being shot down.

this royal family have held the scriptures in the family for as long as they can remember, they try to remind the people but at the moment things are too at large and they are mainly holding back any troupes sent by the elder queen.

his father having passed down the crown to him after learning the truth, then went to fight against the elder queen and was felled along side his 4 other brothers but not before sending his own spys into the elder queens foray, Richard upholds his fathers intent while trying to keep the populous happy.


Old King Richard the 3rd

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