Nerrah Burne


A caring older lady (45) with naught a bad thought, she lives in the very small temple erected long ago and it is the sturdiest building in town so many of the villagers rush to here when there is an attack and she prays for everyone.

She serves as a midwife and gives each new child born to the village a blessing as directed by her predecessor.
she sometimes teaches (reading, writing, prayers ect)
there is no mayor in the village but this woman is the closest to a village guide as you may expect her to be.
people often go to her for advice, or for prayers for a better crop.
she lives off the kindness of villagers, donations of food ect in turn for her own hospitality and knowledge

Is currently pregnant with Rodrick Arsmith ’s child unbeknownst to the more common of villagers she passed it off as “A Divine Blessing”

Nerrah Burne

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