Maurgrim trys not to get attached to people believing they will reject him and move on as most have before but as with most situations you can get quite close when you settle in one place for a while, such as the instance with James Arsmith teaching this young lad a trick or two about music and the ways of the world when his parents did not have the time, Maurgrim was heartbroken when James was taken away back to his fathers village.


Unwanted from birth, has endured a tough life. raised at an orphanage by a group of priests of Fharlanghn. The teachings of these priests had a lasting impact on the young boy, and this was the only time in his life where he really ever felt at home.

a rival tribe of orcs attacked the chieftain’s travel party. The chieftain — his adoptive father — was killed, along with most of the guards. survived, hovering near death. The orcs from his own tribe who found him left him for dead on the field as punishment for allowing the chief to die. a bard who passed by found him hanging on to life, and the presence of the mandolin interested the bard enough to save him and take him to the City of Erebaster where he soon left.

Left the city hidden within the convoy to then split off with a few others when asked/threatened to join the war efforts not believing he had a place within the ranks and no longer trusting the city guard.


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