Maribelle Sinker (Stinker)


often goes to pick flowers to sell, sometimes her friends help but one got bitten by a snake and was sick for a week and died, it scared most of them off but not her, she needs the copper to feed her family who have no merchant skills, a lot of the village just sees them as lazy and she sometimes has bruises and scratches on her.

appears to be camping out in Oakwood house for some reason, loves the animals of the forest even though they dont seem to like her very much, at least she hasnt been bitten by a snake.

A fleeting connection with Brody Copperfield happened early on in game when he saved her from an ambush of wolves on her home

The wolfs run into the party, fight with GDBF, maribelle with them she translates for the wolfs. the lands are turning dark, the animals are scared and not sure where to run, the corruption is everywhere, creatures are turning bad and un natural. the pack seeks the forgotten plain, a legend amongst them.

surprised she had bumped into brody (she didnt realise they had left the village) the wolfs bark and growl to keep the reunion in check

the wolfs wont alow her to talk freely, they seem to have some sort of connection to her
they bark at her if she speaks out of turn
they told her to go with them, shes not sure why

the wolfs also communicate with gdbf
they were fighting because the wolfs called gdbf “human trained scum, violation of the pack, birth mothers abomination pup”

they dont want to tell scum where they are going, she mouths to Brody “north west” but the wolf alpha notices and bites her leg, the pack start to move out.

she says sorry that she must go, she belongs with the animals.

Maribelle Sinker (Stinker)

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