younger son of Athelred. About the same age as James, they shared a love of music but Janus was much more into religion and planned to join the temple.

got sent to the battle on old land as he was good at caring for the wounded and sick.

he noticed the taint growing stronger on chris and gave him some topical ointment saying that it could suppress but not cure it completely, it being more mind effecting than physical.

alleviated all scars from Brody, and cured Chris’ physical wounds in an instant with just his bare hands.

seemingly channels an unnamed God “through the aid of the queen” or so he has been told, also prays every morning at sunrise for this divine assistance.

Is timid and shy but helpful and happy upon speaking with his friend again, doesnt seem to mix well with girls, actively avoids them if possible. A stuttering young doctor who knows his facts but doesnt quite know how to get it across just yet.



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