Dragon Emperor of the South


1: “The Great Ashardalon”

Ashardalon is well known for his tenacious clasp on life, no matter his injuries and setbacks. When he was struck a mortal blow by his great rival Valamaradace, The Golden Queen, eons ago, Ashardalon bound a demon into his breast as a second heart. Ashardalon resembles an ancient red dragon in its prime, but certain glorious features stand out. He has a demonic
visage, and on his chest is a gruesome scar in the shape of a large winged Demon.

Ashardalon was the second in command of the Red dragon flight under the first Red King, Gulthias. Ashardalon was chosen by Gulthias to act as the general of the red dragon armies when the great volcano was due to burst creating a portal between worlds. His skill in battle and incomparable war strategies earned him great respect among all the chromatic dragons and people of the south. He was one of the most feared warriors that the chromatic dragons had on their side and was a key figure in the extinction of the Gold dragon flight when he led the combined forces of the red and black dragons into this world.

Valamaradace, the Golden Queen held back the masses of other worlds spewing from the volcano until Ashardalon emerged from the skies with an army of red dragons at his back. A violent struggle ensued in the Southern lands and the gold dragons were all but decimated by the reds and some of the returning demons who were invigorated to fight again at
the sight of the chromatic dragons aiding them. Ashardalon himself all but finished off Valamaradace in a nearly one sided display of dominance. Disgusted with her weakness, Ashardalon ordered his forces instead to kill her, himself going back to live within the volcano from which the war erupted.

Ashardalon, who has assumed the title of Emperor, rules from his lair, which he has called the Crimson Summit that sits atop the very volcano. The now dormant portal between worlds is closed. Ashardalon has been waiting patiently for centuries now and seeks ways to bring down the barrier that imprisons him in this world.
Tales of his conquest have long been told between the chromatic dragons and many revere his perseverance and stature, his eyes are twin beams of burning fire, and tiny bolts of lightning constantly play between his claws and fangs, a demon bound into his chest in replacement of the heart that Valamaradace once tore from him is a true hero amongst us all, the chromatic dragons seek to imitate this act of bravery and strength by doing so across the southern lands.

The cult of Ashardalon has grown exponentially over the years into a full blown religion that dominates most of The south.
Those of the lesser races that are not members of the church of Ashardalon, live in cowardice of the “Crimson Clerics” that conduct their research all across the land.

2: “living in ashes”

the dragons scatter from the clutch islands as they are born, searching the land for any they deem worthy of sacrifice,some cults most scared of the dragons but others worship them and try to appease them as best they can. most dragons succumb to the need to horde and mate but the ones who revere Ashar the most will bring back a demon to the ritual grounds and is caged alive until needed.

getting as close as i can to the ritual grounds and the volcano I have seen some rituals take place within the dragon sect, they argue as to who gets the chance to take on any demon that they find,the cunning wait untill another has braught back a demon and many fights break out amongst their kind i have been scorched more times than i might have liked and have built up a resistance

when one of them succeeds in proving its strength it then undergoes another test of metal after inscribing a rune upon the floor
(the mark is drawn in the book) (looks a lot like the anarchy symbol lol)
it incants something in their language of which can loosely be translated as “heart that rests upon the blade” they then use their own claw to rip into their chest and pull out their own beating heart, some dragons also wishing to do the ritual will jump on the defenceless dragon at this point. they must then survive without their heart, and then fight the demon to trap it within them self.
while most do not survive this part i have seen the ritual completed just once in my short observations if i were to put a figure to the likelihood of the ritual succeeding it would be a 1 in 20 chance, any that fail die unworthy. any that succeed appear to have advanced power and join Ashar in the Crimson Summit and obtain a portion of his horde.

3: “observations of the faith”

while the odds do not bode well for the dragons wishing to complete this ritual many still do wishing to be closer to Ashar by undergoing and understanding the trials he himself had to, the dragons join a the loose-knit cult of other disciples and undergo its initiation rites. This process includes the ritual scarring of the dragon’s heart—an extremely dangerous practice that would claim the life of a dragon too weak to qualify while none would ever be as brilliant as Ashar it is said they will return with him to the true realm and be lavished with riches one dragon could never comprehend.

4: “proof and sources”

torn from another book it seems:
legend holds of warlocks who forged pacts with dragons,
wherein they would serve their draconic masters
much in the same way that infernal warlocks bargain
with devils, and fey warlocks bind themselves to the
spirits of the Feywild. Rumors persist that some of
these warlocks roam the lands still, but most dismiss
such notions as nonsense.

this segment also has maps (southern continent and islands), confirmations of ritualistic practices where they take place, names of people who have helped this person gather information

only dragon kin so far have succeeded in the ritual
the most successful dragons completing the ritual are of Huge or greater size
only the foulest and greatest of dragons attempt the ritual
the dragons who succeed are adept spell casters with an iron will
not much more is known after a successful ritual has taken place as the dragon then takes its place alongside Ashar upon the Crimson Summit, only these chosen ones are allowed so close to the great Emperor and some proven false information:
one powerful high priest attempted the ritual but was not of dragon blood, he attempted this while under the guise of a dragon this however was not enough and it was a mournful day in the sect for us all.

5: “possibility’s”

from the previous chapter, there are some other written rituals that non dragons have undertaken to become more dragon like, this person seems to have written the undergoing of such things to draw them self closer to the dragon kind
it seems this person is doing everything possible to try and become a dragon, and that they wish to become one with Ashar and bind with a demon.

6: “conclusion”

Upon my travels i have witnessed many events of the dragon kin,from the hatching of the eggs on the northern clutch isles to the ritual rites of the dead, weather fallen in battle or aged to a higher place, there are many trials within a dragons life and becoming a Disciple of Ashardalon is defiantly the most fascinating event of all, the strength and power that these kind endure can only inspire one to become stronger within them self to overcome any obstacle trivial or not, dragons are truly a glorious being and I aim to bring myself closer to them with time and a lot of effort i can never hope to have to endure the sheer amount that they do on a day to day basis, yes i have seen much, i have encountered many and have a lot of scrapes to prove it. however all this is not enough, i am not one of them, i was not born on the clutch islands and i have not yet torn my heart from my chest, but soon i shall discover what it is to be one with them and join Ashardalon in his plight.

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