Humble Beginnings

Session 20: The Trenches and the Time Traveller

"Choo-choo mother-f**kers, let's go get killed on the landmines!"

Having just been cured of the taint, Chris wanders out of the tent, and straight into a large group of zombies. Hearing the commotion, Serra steps in and assists him in moving clear of the shambling corpses surrounding them. In the darkness the party try to get away but it soon becomes clear they’re moving out into no-man’s land. As the zombies draw in around them, Serra holds up a jar of the ointment, cries “back you fiends!” The zombies all collapse spectacularly.

The party move towards a trebuchet, a trio of spectres moving them in. James and Brody attempt to drive them off ineffectually, the hammerplow and crystal sword proving equally unsuccessful. The spirits then wound Serra mentally and drive Chris to the point of suicide. Serra then repeats the process of driving the fiends off.

The party decide to wait for daybreak by the trebuchet, but not before they find the crew, dead by their own hands and with a suicide note close by. Previous victims of the spirits.

Dawn breaks, and it seems the horde of zombies is being commanded back to the front lines. Someone up above seems to have a message for the group. That message is “Choo-choo mother-f**kers, let’s go get killed on the landmines!”

To distract the zombies, James creates a diversion. An army for them to attack. An army of Chris. They ignore it and shamble forth, being driven on by priests serving the queen. The luckless troop decide to brave the minefield, Serra and Chris disabling the traps and James maintaining cover with the army of Chris. A lone archer starts targeting the zombies, then moves his attention to the party. After deciding the odds of hitting a Chris to be slightly low he targets the others. Mercifully they emerge unscathed (Serra healing Brody when he is hit) and reach the wall. Deciding they have to press on to survive the zombies approaching them like a steam engine approaching on rails they attempt to climb the wall.

Dumping uniforms at the bottom, they reach the top of the wall and “surrender” to the lone guard. Or general. There seems little difference in such a small army. General Barry speaks to someone magically and they’re taken prisoner.

Alone in their cells they procrastinate the night away, James decides to use the time to examine the cards GranGran left him. Thinking of home, he finds himself back in the Fortune’s Rest, his grandfather in the tavern and the golden sword on the mantel. He doesn’t seem to have seen James even when he tries to speak to him, and it becomes apparent why when he walks out and speaks to Robb, James’ father. It’s ten years earlier and young James is asleep. Robb tells his father he’s off to find Elena, and heads off, leaving James in his grandfather’s care.

The image breaks, and he quietly joins the others in sleep. The next day they’re taken to be interrogated by the queen. Not the queen queen but this kingdom’s queen. Rosalyna. She asks them their background and their intentions, pointing out they’ve had very little information from the other side in recent days. The elder queen has anyone who leaves the other side killed as a spy and due to the siege few people get in. Most of the population of the city have been evacuated and it’s mainly the royal family and their retainers holding back the army of the elder queen.

She eventually releases the group, allowing them to do as they will in the city. Free to do as they will, they discuss what they want to go back or stay and learn more. Eventually deciding to do the latter, they begin the next chapter of their journey.


AylaSmith Akhetamun

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