Humble Beginnings

Session 13: The Avalanche and the Amputee

"Suddenly, she's not half the elf she used to be..."

As the party recover from the attack, they move up mountain for shelter from the elements. Lydia seems most badly hurt, her legs a shattered mess, and Chris also looks like he has a broken leg. They manage to get into a cave.

As they explore the cave it turns out to be a finished room, the avalanche took out the exterior wall and exposed the room to the outside world. Serra investigates the injured party members and rapidly concludes that (perhaps as some punishment from some cruel god) her legs are going to become infected and she will die unless they’re amputated. James muses that maybe she would have been better dying in the avalanche. Brody, still incensed by the murder of the officer, hits the roof and refuses to leave Lydia alone with the rest.

By the next morning, James and Chris head off to scout the area for survivors and a herb for Serra to anaesthetise Lydia for her legstraction. They find the barbarian on the road and lure him back up with food, he’s unwilling or unable to speak. They keep him bound for safety’s sake.

Despite James’ best efforts to involve him in some activity, Brody remains steadfastly focused on preventing Serra, the only person in the group with medical knowledge, from murdering Lydia. Serra meanwhile gets her alchemy on, and spends a day brewing the anaesthetic. Duplicate Chris makes a repeat appearance in the room, with Brody thinking there’s a magician nearby. Serra and James realise it’s something Chris has made, confirmed to them when he dismisses it, but Chris doesn’t realise it. James and Chris go exploring the tunnels off the room with James trying to get him to admit to casting the thing, and find evidence that the place has been abandoned for at least a hundred years. James recognises a statue as being of one of the blacksmith people he knew in, with Berenar, safety, truth, home written on the base of the statue in their language.

The next day brings a change to James, though not to Chris. James realises in horror what he’s done the last few days, this happens to coincide with Lydia waking up in agony. Throwing himself into the moment, James calms her down, trying to convince her she’ll be fine while getting her to drink wine to ease the pain. He shouts down the snarky Chris and argumentative Brody in the process. Serra then asks him if she should proceed with the operation, which almost paralyses him before he forces himself to agree. Brody then holds her down while Serra sets to work.

When the now half elf is stabilised, they set off down the mountain, realising that Highguard is closer than thought. It’s on the other side of a forest. They trudge on in relative silence the rest of the day. That night, Chris sees shambling, ill-looking people approaching the camp. He wakes Serra, who then wakes the rest of the party, suspecting they might be zombies.

As the partially deceased syndrome sufferers attack, the party move to take them down. Serra moves to take on the largest of them, while the other zombies attack Chris. Brody moves to help Chris while James lays grease down under the big one, then moves to support Chris and Brody. The party take down the zombies, then burn them and move on away from the battle site.


AylaSmith Akhetamun

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