“We are not thriving. True, our people live, but our culture is dying. We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each passing year a little more of us is worn away.”

your village consists of around 500 people (it used to be more than this) trying to make ends meet and hold the place together, every child born is a blessing.

There has been attacks on your village for as long as you remember, every time they sweep in and pillage and take whatever they wish including people on occasion, cutting down anyone in their way, they are brutal killers and you don’t know how anyone could be that way, just that this is the way it has always been, they come and you hide or die. some people in the village have tried to stop them before, only to be met with laughter and a sword or axe through their chest and a more violent attack on the village the next time around, you shudder at the thought and hope the next attack wont come for a long time.

The lands are ruled over by a Queen, A Queen who is blaming these attacks on the Old King of who is still fighting back against her claims.
A group of “resistance” believe the queen to actually be the one behind everything, as the party go on they find more and more out about this Queen but still cant help but be drawn to her for some reason, though the strong willed are trying to find the truth behind the walls of the kingdom many are falling in line with the Queen instead. This could spell trouble for the party as they are torn and divided by their own loyalty’s, Friends or Family.

Humble Beginnings

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